Minggu, 04 Desember 2011


yesterday, i know that you cut me, it seems like a doomsday for me
yap muhammad iqbal naufal you make me dissapointed of you, why you do this to me?
you don't know how much i am still in love with you at that time.
but now, if you ask me 'masih gak percaya sama aku ta?' i want so say for my deeply heart 'i don't know my feel again , it's very random , you cut me, you make me fly again and we get a relationship again , i don't know why i am not believe in you again, it so hurt if you my feel right now. i am tired to care of you, tired to be the best for you . but you just throw me to a trash? and you got me back, i don't know why you do this , maybe i will give you a suggest if you want to be with me you couldn't to be a childist. i am different of them. i am roikhana farista dewira who don't care anything if i still in love with you eventhough this situation make me feel that i must cut with you, but i still want to be with you . because i love you. some reason , or some problem . it doesn't matter for me because i need you , i love you

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